Piglait big litter concept

The Big Litter line

Increases the survival rate of piglets


Piglait’s milks support growth and health of piglets. Every piglet farmer is unique in their objectives and challenges. That is why we have made it easier for you to make the right choice. We offer two product lines that can be tailored to your specific needs: the Big Litter line, which is formulated for survival through replacement of sow milk, and the Robust Litter linewhich is formulated to prepare the piglet for weaningBy working together with you, we can determine which line will suit your needs best.

Big litter


Piglets increase their birth weight more than fivefold in the first month of life. To grow that fast they need a lot of nutrients. In fact, more nutrients than at any other time in their life.

For farms with hyperprolific sows, increasing survival rate is key. Alongside this, if improving efficiency is an objective (e.g. by reducing cross-fostering) or in case of independent (motherless) rearing, it is essential to have a milk replacer that provides all nutrients necessary.

Asides from colostrum, the piglets largely, if not entirely, rely on supplemented milk, instead of sow’s milk to survive. The Big Litter line provides a 100% solution.


  • Increased survival rate of piglets
  • Top quality nutritionally well-balanced milks that meet the requirements of newborn piglets
  • Safe growth, no diarrhoea
  • Supports independent rearing
  • Enables maximization of litter weight to be achieved.
  • Supports full use of genetic potential.
  • Eliminates need for foster sows with Piglait Big Litter advice and training. 
Big litter line

The Big Litter line consists of: