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Trial at Van de Brandt

Solid versus liquid feeding in the farrowing pen

Various considerations play a role in the choice of solid or (combined) liquid feeding during the farrowing period. Where is the focus of the pig farmer, what is the economic influence, how are the stables arranged, what are the experiences with one of the two choices and of course the entrepreneur’s ambitions also play a role. At the beginning of this year, we started a trial at a sow farm in the south of the Netherlands. Here we follow large numbers of pigs from piglet to fattening pig for about a year.


The test

Half of the animals are fed liquid supplements by means of cups and the other half only receive dry feed. The purpose of this test is; how can we help pig farmers even better to improve their technical and economic results. We do this, among other things, on the basis of scientifically substantiated test results.


General data

  • Type of business: ¬†Closed sow farming
  • Number of sows: 400
  • System: 2 weeks
  • Number of piglets for trial: at least 10,000
  • Period approx.: 1 year
  • Solid feed Opticare Motivate, Opticare Wean & Grow
  • Liquid feed Opticare Milk, Opticare Preshake


Below you will soon read the test results